Keeping it in the family…

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And that’s certainly true in the Aubel Valley, where four generations of the Stassen family have collected all those apples and dedicated their lives to the art of cider making. The result? A luxury trio of exquisite ciders fit to grace any discerning table. Shall we pour…?

The soul of the Stassen brand lay in its heritage – the authentic story of a century-old family recipe, handed down from generation to generation. So what better way to empower this soul than a family (apple) tree lovingly illustrated on the label, with the name of each Stassen cider maker nestled among the apples they’d tended so carefully.

The branding itself drew inspiration from Belgian Art Nouveau - a movement gathering momentum at the same time that Léon Stassen was establishing his cider mill – to lend a timeless elegance that was befitting of such a fine cider.

A sophisticated bottle design featuring the Stassen family crest and founding date completed the piece - a table-worthy head-turner, perfect for sharing with friends and family. Four generations of them, if possible…

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