Taste of adventure

At the southwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula, a windswept, rocky outcrop breaks suddenly from the Portuguese coast. This is Sagres Point - last stop-off for countless bands of intrepid Portuguese explorers who, in the 15th century, threw caution and their ships to the wind, and took up the coastline’s jagged invitation to venture forth and explore the distant horizons…

That’s some history to live up to. But not for a beer like Sagres, which has had pioneering spirit and boundless ambition in its soul since its creation for the 1940 Portuguese World Exhibition.

In the years since then, Sagres has innovated and expanded into new formats and flavours, establishing itself as the market leader and pride of Portugal. But the packaging and visual identity didn’t reflect its status, quality and brewing expertise.

Sagres needed a new design that would capture its core values - Portugality, quality and conviviality – and set it on course for continued success.

Heroic and historic, the Portuguese shield was central to our thinking. Redrawn and set free from the previous ‘cartoon-like’ styling, the modern, simplified shield now sits proudly at the masthead of the new design, while the shape itself became a clear and ownable holding device across the portfolio.

Red, white and green – the colours of Portuguese identity – also now play a clear role, while subtle details like the ‘Monde Selection’ coins reinforce the brand’s quality brewing credentials.

The result is a striking new design that captures the unique heritage of the Sagres brand and the Portuguese sense of pride and adventure.

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