Elegantly, eccentric efficacy...

Imagine a truly immersive spa and skincare experience - tranquil and soothing, yet enlightening and dramatic… welcome to ESPA. A proudly British family business that obsesses over minute attention to detail, prides itself in every aspect of the consumer’s experience and approaches life with a slightly eccentric perspective; yet ESPA had failed to translate these values to their burgeoning range of products.

Our task was clear. Reflect the brand’s values, experience and aspirations through an all new globally focused design that not only excites and engages the consumer, but also makes the act of purchase as pleasurable and relaxing as the ESPA experience itself.

Our strategy to express a new brand essence began with extensive stakeholder interviews and studying consumer behaviour in the home environment, all of which resulted in a look and feel that excites the senses with a balance of elegant detail and eccentric flourishes. Texture and finish was a huge focus of the work as we created a Brand World that lives far beyond pack. Rejuvenated, renewed and feeling fabulous - we have uncovered the fountain of youth for ESPA.

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Espa Beauty Products
Espa Beauty Products
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ESPA magazine spread