Mother knows best…

At least Fred and Percy Bulmer’s mother did, but even she couldn’t have foreseen the effect her career guidance would have on her boys. “Food and drink never go out of fashion,” she told them. One tandem bicycle, a 500 mile apple hunt and 125 years of successful cider-making later, and we’d have to say old Mrs. Bulmer was right…

Times have certainly changed since Fred and Percy Bulmer opened for business. From pressing the first drop on an old stone press with the help of Tommy, the family pony, to the No.1 UK modern cider brand.

Bulletproof’s challenge was to define a vision for the future of modern cider, and bring it to life across brand identity, packaging graphics, bottle structure and Visual Identity System.

Our approach drew inspiration from the brand’s heritage, capturing its colourful past in a way that felt bold and modern, and elevating the famous Bulmers ‘B’ with confident simplicity – a clear nod to contemporary craft.

Fred and Percy, still aboard their famous tandem, now sit proudly on the bottle - a constant reminder of the character and ingenuity that first kick-started the Bulmers journey.

The result balances modernity and authenticity with bold fun and flair, wrapped up in a smaller, more unisex bottle that should see the Bulmers brand thrive for plenty more years to come. So Tommy can put his hooves up...

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