Strength in numbers

It's a jungle out there - daily challenges come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why Actimel was first developed, with healthy bacteria to keep you feeling strong no matter what life throws at you. But the functional dairy category had exploded and competition had become fierce. Actimel needed a campaign that would make it stand out on shelf – the rightful king of the dairy jungle…

We kicked things off by thinking about Actimel’s ‘Stay Strong’ brand idea, and it only took a few heated debates to realise inner strength means different things to different people – often on different days.

So we created a campaign which heroes those differences, with Actimel the catalyst for staying strong against whatever your individual day brings.

Animal instincts provided the creative shortcut to a range of wonderful ways to be strong in the ‘urban jungle’ and delivered on Actimel’s ‘Mighty Cheeky’ Soul Power. But it was through packaging execution that the campaign truly came to life.

We created a suite of visual assets – animals, occasions, textures, clothing and accessories – then, partnering with Hewlett Packard, we used their Mosaic SmartStream technology to randomly combine the assets and create 1.5 million unique label designs.

From well-tailored hippos who make a splash in big meetings to cap-wearing penguins who stay cool on first dates, the variety of packs echoes consumers’ varied lives and challenges.

So now there’s an Actimel pack out there for you, whatever you need to stay strong for.

Actimel case study image 2 Unleash Your Actimel Instinct
Actimel case study image 3 Unleash Your Actimel Instinct
Actimel case study image 4 Unleash Your Actimel Instinct
Actimel case study image 5 Unleash Your Actimel Instinct