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Our Top Picks From Packaging Innovations 2018

The Structure team at Bulletproof frequently like to go out of the studio to discover new innovations in the design world. Most recently, we headed down to the Packaging Innovations show at Kensington Olympia; always a great place to see the latest developments in the world of packaging. With the spotlight on the packaging industry and consumer pressure to produce   more environmental friendly packaging alternatives, we wanted to see what exciting innovations are emerging.

Here are a few of our top picks from this year’s Packaging Innovations show and our overall favourite of the bunch! 


Natureflex sustainable packaging innovations Produced by global packaging firm Futamura, NatureFlex™ is a cellulose based renewable and compostable film laminate for food packaging. Its key selling point is that it can be compostable in a home compost bin instead of an industrial composter. As stated on Futamura’s website: “The films offer good gas barrier properties and the coatings can be tailored to provide varying degrees of moisture barrier, depending on the needs of the wrapped product.” We love it and definitely think it is one to watch for the future of single use food packaging.

Packaging innovations 2018

Cork Moulding

Cork moulding packaging innovations

Cork is a natural and sustainable material that we see more and more of this each year at the Packaging Innovations show. A lot of suppliers offer a cork veneer laminate that gives the look and feel of cork, but usually has an underlying card substrate.

Packaging supplier IPL however really impressed us with their ability to form cork in 3D. The process puts cork composite under pressure and heat allowing it to be moulded in a similar way to classic plastic injection moulding.

What we really like about this example is not just its looks but also that the structure acts as an insulator and a shock absorber to protect the product in transit. Furthermore, the material can be broken down and remoulded with very little waste.

Vapour Unit

Zone Creations whiskey vapour unit

We saw this great piece of activation manufactured by Zone-Creations. This device cleverly atomises a bottle of whiskey giving the consumer a hit of rich whiskey aroma. It definitely has standout and is engaging in the competitive travel retail space.

TOP PICK: Metsä Board

Packaging innovations 2018 metsä board

Our personal winner for Packaging Innovation of the Year was Metsä Board. Metsä Board is a fibre-based material that can be moulded.  It offers a stronger and more premium card-like structure that is comparable to plastic, while remaining completely biodegradable. With the tide quickly turning on single use plastics, any innovation in this space is greatly appreciated.

Packaging innovations conference 2018

With so many exhibition stands to see at the show, it was hard to narrow down our favourites, but the above innovations certainly stood out for us. We’re looking forward to seeing some of the new, and especially sustainable, innovations hitting our supermarket shelves in the very near future!

Blog written by James.