Putting on the…

“Tah da da, da da ta da… putting on the Ritz” - you know the song right? Well if you don’t, get to know it. Ritz is a classic brand, which always gets lauded and applauded within the design industry as a best in class, however the truth was that Ritz had lost its way. It had a different face for each market and very mixed messages for its consumers.

Bulletproof was tasked with rescuing Ritz, modernising and harmonising the portfolio and creating a strategy for new line and NPD extensions. We held true to our core belief that there is nothing else quite like a Ritz cracker; in looks, in size and of course in taste. Those who have experienced that pillow-like texture and crunch will no doubt agree. Our first-hand store audits in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany supported our thinking and formed the basis for our creative direction.

Our approach was to bring a pride and heroic confidence to our strongest equity… the cracker. Our packs now stand shoulder to shoulder, displaying the circular cracker goodness for all its worth. We looked back to the simplicity and finesse of 1950’s brand marks to inform and inspire our new direction.

The result is a strong foundation for future innovation and a brand that is as exciting and relevant today, as it was all that time ago… putting the glitz back into Ritz.

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