Something’s cooking…

Imagine a white cheese dish and you will probably picture a classic, leafy salad. But white cheese can be a flavour-maker in dishes far more exciting than that if only people could just be inspired to try it in their everyday cooking recipes. With that delicious ambition in mind, Apetina challenged us to get them into the cooking pot. Luckily we could stand the heat…

Shaking up such a salad-centric category needed a disruptive attitude from the outset, so we established a mantra we could rally behind. ‘Let’s Play in the Kitchen!’ was our culinary cry.

Today’s white cheese category is a sea of cold blue and white, so we changed it up with a bold, dark blue palette and wooden textures, for in-store impact and natural cooking cues.

A simplified brand mark creates a consistent, ownable equity across the 60+ SKUs in the range and delivers bold, easy brand recognition both on and off pack.

And captured in the new Apetina diamond device are delicious, fresh ingredients that allude to an exciting range of dish ideas, themselves sumptuously shot to depict real moments in the cooking process.

The result is a design that demands reappraisal of the category and inspires a new wave of culinary experimentation.

So forget what the adults told you - thanks to Apetina, it’s time to play with your food…

Strategic Tools Used
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Apetina core tub design
Bulletproof Apetina redesign citrus variant
Apetina red pepper variant packaging design
Apetina packaging design range redesign
Bulletproof Apetina redesign packaging
New Apetina redesign paneer packaging